Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification

The decision of acquiring a Project Management Professional certification would for sure prove beneficial for your career.

The world today is a competitive place where you cannot get anything without struggle and dedication whether it is a job, certification, money or life. Let us keep it to the topic and discuss about the competition for jobs and its relation with the certifications.

The demands for the IT jobs in very high and as well as the competition. No matter what position you are applying for the competition is very tough these days. You need to make your resume worthy enough so that the recruiter finds it interesting and it makes a good impression.

There are many ways to make a resume worthy and interesting and one of it is including certification in the related field that your acquire. You have to get ahead of hundreds of competitor and clear the rounds in order to get the job.

Preparing for Project Management Professional certification and acquiring one would elevate your level of skills in managing the project in an even better line of attack. Not only that an employee with a Project Management Professional certification will become more valuable for the organization he or she is working in. It is not a means to increase qualification rather provides and help you acquires more knowledge and skills that will make your aware of enhanced techniques and methods to manage the project efficiently.

Till now you might have handled and worked on many projects and a certification like Project Management Professional will be an on paper proof of your project management efficiency and experience. And you can use the knowledge acquired through Project Management Professional certification to enhance the management of the project you are working on.

Need for Project Management Professional Certification:

Most of the people get confused when there are many options, but on who concentrates and moves towards his or her fixed target would experience the pleasure of begin on top of his or her professional heights.

IT sector has many diversifications and people are free to choice platform according to their interests and experiences. Speaking of the experience there is a high demand on the IT sector for the experiences personals. You might have worked on a number on project during the years in the field.

No doubt that you are best at your work and you have your own methods and tactics in handling and managing the projects. On going for certification that specializes on project management you will be benefiting yourself as in terms of professional growth. It will lift your spirits of confidence and skills that you might be of great asset to you in your career.

By acquiring a Project Management Professional certification the organization will consider you as a more valuable asset to the organization.

Project Management Professional Certification
Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification Certification Details:

  • Project Management Professional certification is mostly concerned and needed to IT professional who are working in the fields of software engineering and network design. It is the IT professional who work in these fields will mostly need to acquire the Project Management Professional certification and are benefited.
  • If you have an interest to acquire Project Management Professional certification then you can consult the nearest and best Project Management Institute.  It is the projects management institutes who conduct the Project Management Professional certification training and certification programs
  • Project Management Professional certification is issued and the project development units are conducted only by Project Management Institute.
  • The applicant of Project Management Professional certification must have an experience of about 4500 hour in project management and in this period of experience he or she must have been worked with each phase of the projects.
  • Both manager as well as employer can acquire this certification for better future. And there is no rule specifying when a manager can acquire Project Management Professional certification. He or she can apply and acquire this certification once they suit the eligibility criteria.

Project Management Professional : Certification and Duration

As said earlier only Project Management Institute undertake the Project Management Professional certification program.

In order to acquire a Project Management Professional certification one has to and must participate in the project development units which are seminars or meeting conducted by the project development institutes. One willing to get through the certification process and has applied for certification have to give a test conducted by the project management institute.

By scoring the eligible merit in the test you can obtain the certification, once you have made through the test you will get Project Management Professional certification issued by the project management institute. And after the certification one has to complete 60 hours of education in order to keep up the certification that you have acquired.

It is important to note that these 60 hours of project management education should be completed within 3 years or else the certification in your hand will be of no value it will be cancelled by project management institution. This process of Project Management Professional Certification would cost you $555, anyhow you can get it done for $405 if you have a membership card in project management institute. And in order to become and stay as a member of the Project Management Institute one has to contribute $119 toward the institute very year.

Benefits of Project Management Professional Certification :

Including your Project Management Professional certification details in the resume will make the resume noticeable in the heap of other resumes. It would be an added advantage in your job search.

  • Acquiring a Project Management certification would make you stand out in your team at the organization you work. You will become a more valuable employee to the organization by this certification.
  • The Project Management Institute concentrates on improving the project management skills of the Project Management Professional certification applicants.
  • As said before Project Management Professional certification would be a proof of your skills and expertise in project management. Acquiring one would open more job opportunities to grow in the filed of work.